Bayley's return is imminent


Bayley's return is imminent

One of the characters who was most important to WWE during the pandemic period in which fans were not allowed into the company's arenas was undoubtedly Bayley, former Friday Night Smackdown champion and former tag team champion on the company's main roster, with her former best friend in the ring, Sasha Banks, and who's now in the upper echelons of the federation, in a feud with former champion Bianca Belair.

Unfortunately for her, in the last months or the last whole year, Bayley was hit by a leg injury, exactly in July last year, when during a workout the WWE Role Model suffered an injury to the ligaments of one of the legs, having to undergo special treatments and a surgical operation, which had to keep her out of the scene for at least nine months, with her return to the scene which was therefore initially planned for Wrestlemania or thereabouts, but of she obviously there has been no trace until now.

Latest update on Bayley

In the last few months, Bayley has done nothing but tease WWE Universe fans by releasing photos and clues on social media regarding her possible return to the scene with WWE, with the wrestler who releases a photo at every major event that approaches, a video, a comment or simply a not-so-veiled clue, which fans take as an imminent return.

Apparently, however, the wait now seems to be over, with the pages of the well-known site PW Insider, which report the rumor that could prove to be a huge spoiler, of the athlete's return to Summerslam. According to the Insider reporters, Bayley is scheduled to be in attendance at Summerslam weekend in Nashville, where WWE's summer Big Four will obviously be held.

At the moment, it is not known whether the athlete will appear in front of the cameras or if she will have a different role, such as that of Big E scout, upon returning to work with WWE after the terrible Smackdown injury.

Many, however, are convinced that Bayley is now ready to return to the ring, after a full year of hiatus, with the next major WWE event approaching. So we just have to wait and see. WWE superstar Bayley was recently interviewed on the Montgomery Advertiser’s Piledriver podcast.

“I ask myself that a lot. I don't know why people… Why do people like me, or why do people wear my shirts or whatever? I just feel I'm just like this normal chick that loved wrestling and just got lucky enough to pursue it and got to WWE. I feel like I snuck in."

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