Ronda Rousey could make a turn heel

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Ronda Rousey could make a turn heel

Ronda Rousey lost her SmackDown women's title to Liv Morgan at Money in the Bank on July 2. The two will face each other again at SummerSlam, the most important pay-per-view of the summer, which promises to give emotions and twists.

The Riverside champion has adapted to wrestling with surprising ease, leaving fans and insiders alike jaw-dropping. Her career began in January 2018, although her debut took place at WrestleMania 34. A few months later, 'Rowdy' won the Raw Women's Championship and held it for 232 days.

After nearly three years of inactivity, she made her return on January 29, 2022, by winning the women's Royal Rumble match. In the latest edition of 'Smack Talk' on Sportskeeda, former WWE manager Dutch Mantell said that Ronda could make a sensational turn heel soon.

Dutch Mantell on Ronda Rousey

“People like Liv Morgan a lot. She looks good and the WWE Universe is growing fond of her as time goes by. I suspect that Ronda Rousey will suffer a turn heel sooner or later” - explained Mantell.

“Such a change could help inflame their rivalry. I have no idea what they plan to do at SummerSlam. It's their book, they can write it however they want. At the same time, I would be sorry if Liv lost the title after such a short time.

She would pass the message that she was not worthy of being the champion” - he added. Dutch also talked about the McMahon case: “I believe WWE will never be the same after this scandal. Even if it turns out to be a big hole in the water, I think there will be substantial changes.

Vince McMahon is no longer able to handle business on a daily basis, it is now clear to everyone. The Stamford federation cannot continue like this, the time has come to take a step forward." According to a Wall Street Journal investigation, Vince gave $3 million to a former employee with whom he had an extramarital affair.

On a recent episode of The Drive-Thru, Cornette said he'd noticed a change in the legendary Judoka since she returned to action. “I would have to think that she paid little to no attention to wrestling training while she wasn’t in the ring," Cornette said.

"I’m beginning to think that Ronda Rousey did this because she could... So when she became a megastar in the UFC and MMA world and got a chance to sign a contract to get a sh*tload of money and go to the WWE, it probably was a big deal at first, but then she got over it."