What are the next plans for Theory?

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What are the next plans for Theory?

As has already been known for some time, Theory is Mister Money in the Bank, quite surprising given that he was not even expected to be present in that match and that he was inserted roughly in the initial moments of the match itself.

In fact, the participants who had to contend for the prestigious briefcase were Drew McIntyre, Sheamus, Omos, Madcap Moss, Sami Zayn, Riddle and Seth Rollins but, a few moments from the three tolls of the bell that marked the start of the match, Adam Pearce was released outside the backstage then announcing the eighth participant, or Theory, fresh from the loss of the US belt in favor of Bobby Lashley.

But now SummerSlam has almost arrived and many are already convinced that Theory can cash in on the most important show of the summer. But would his winning be useful to WWE? There are three main reasons to see how and why Theory, who's known as Vince McMahon's pick, would successfully cash in on his briefcase.

What's next for Theory?

Theory is as talented as Heel and would probably be booed by the whole arena. And it is for this reason that the WWE is aiming strongly at it, as they see the crazy potential in him, so much so that he is even referred to as "the new John Cena".

As we saw in the last episode of SmackDown, Paul Heyman talked with Theory to try to convince him to join the Bloodline and not to cash in at SummerSlam, since it would not have the same prominence as a match, obviously in the Main Event of a PPV, between the two announced weeks before (therefore Theory should announce when it would collect the briefcase, which has already been seen and which the WWE Universe did not like very much).

Obviously, Theory refused but Heyman will hardly let it go: after all, he “betrayed” Brock Lesnar to switch to Roman Reigns, can't he do the same with Reigns and then switch to Theory?