Could The Bella Twins return to the ring?

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Could The Bella Twins return to the ring?

The Bella Twins have talked about a possible return to fight in a WWE ring, at WrestleMania. While their full-time wrestling careers seem to be over, for now, many fans are wondering when they could return to a WWE match. At the 2022 Royal Rumble, the two WWE Hall of Famers fought for the first time in nearly four years, in the women's Royal Rumble Match.

While there are no plans for the twins to return, at least in the short term, that doesn't mean WWE isn't thinking about a return to the company.

New details on The Bella Twins

Speaking on his Wrestling With Freddie podcast, former WWE writer Prinze Jr.

recalled how Brie Bella once contacted John Laurinaitis about The Bella Twins’ status. “He [WWE producer Michael Hayes] was the one that ran into the room when we were about to lose them,” Prinze Jr. said. “Because Brie Bella called John Laurinaitis and was like, ‘Look, our contracts are up.

Put us on TV or we’re gone.’ John Laurinaitis calls Freebird [Hayes] and is like, ‘You gotta find a way to get the twins on television right now’ In a new interview with Extra, Nikki Bella revealed that she always presents new ideas to Brie about any WrestleMania match: “We are on the side of retired women from wrestling but we still experience it as if we were full-time Superstars.

We watch Monday Night Raw again and say, 'Okay, so Becky Lynch did this so I often tell Brie we should go back and WrestleMania.' I always do it. I watch WWE and never stop getting caught up in everything that happens. When you are or have been in WWE, you don't leave anymore at least psychologically.

We will never forget what we have done." During their full-time careers at WWE, both women became very important to Vince McMahon's federation and earned several compliments for their role in bringing more attention to the women's division.

However, things weren't easy. The twins have often been criticized for their skills in the ring, but both have been important to the evolution of the women's division. In a recent episode of the Wrestling with Freddie podcast, former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr.

revealed how the two girls threatened WWE with resigning if they were no longer featured on television, then on-screen. However, his indiscretion did not prove to be true, also because Nikki and Brie Bella have been off the screens for some time but are still tied to a contract with WWE.