Riddle updates fans on Randy Orton's condition

Randy Orton is experiencing a kind of second youth

by Simone Brugnoli
Riddle updates fans on Randy Orton's condition

Randy Orton is experiencing a kind of second youth, which has allowed him to silence all his detractors. The Viper is undoubtedly one of the most iconic superstars of the modern era, having demonstrated exceptional longevity.

The 'Legend Killer' engendered some memorable feuds during his long career and was the youngest world champion in WWE history. In addition to being a 14-time world champion, the 42-year-old from Knoxville has won the Raw Tag Team Championship twice and once each the Intercontinental title, the United States Championship, the World Tag Team Championship and the SmackDown Tag Team Championship.

He also won the Royal Rumble match twice and the Money in the Bank once. His partnership with Riddle - initially opposed by insiders - was instead much appreciated by the WWE Universe. As everyone knows by now, Orton is in the pits due to a back injury.

If the operation were to be necessary, Randy would be out for the rest of 2022.

Riddle on Randy Orton

In a recent interview with 'ProSieben MAXX', Riddle provided an important update on Randy Orton’s condition: “He is recovering from his back injury and I hope he will be back as soon as possible.

I can't add anything else because I'm not a doctor, but optimism filters out! Randy is in a good mood and feels good”. The Viper was praised by Kevin Nash in the first episode of his new podcast: “I absolutely loved seeing John Cena back in WWE.

He celebrated the 20th anniversary of his debut in the company and it was a special moment. The leader of the 'Cenation' has made wrestling history and deserves every possible recognition. I'm also a big fan of Dolph Ziggler, The Miz and Rey Mysterio, without forgetting the legendary Randy Orton.

I am thrilled every time he steps into the ring. I must confess that the Viper is my favorite performer at this specific time. I never miss his segments”. Madcap Moss was a recent guest on Out of Character with Ryan Satin to discuss a wide variety of subjects.

During the interview, Moss told a funny story about how he and The Original Bro became friends. "I think if I remember correctly, what really won Riddle over was I have a thing with my eye where when I look this way, it doesn't track properly," Madcap Moss revealed.

"It kind of moves up, and most people don't even notice it. But it's something that I pretend to be super self-conscious of. But at the same time, I point it out all the time."

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