Seth Rollins comments on Cody Rhodes' injury

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by Simone Brugnoli
Seth Rollins comments on Cody Rhodes' injury

Speaking to Digital Spy's Stephanie Chase, Seth Rollins recalled his reaction when he saw the state of Cody Rhodes' chest when the two had to face off at Hell In A Cell said. "I don't think I expected it to be that way. I've had some ripped muscles in my day and I know blood seeps down, gravity takes over, but I've never seen anything like it.

I remember Triple H ripped off his bib some time ago at an event and shared a photo of it and it was pretty brutal, but nothing like what we've seen from Cody at Hell In A Cell. His bicep, tricep, his shoulder, his pectoral almost to his navel, was brutal enough.

It was certainly shocking and I think the way I felt about it was exactly how the Chicago audience felt. They were just very uncomfortable for a while at first. I think people were also wary of rooting for him because it was a bit absurd," said Rollins.

Seth Rollins on Cody Rhodes' injury

Seth Rollins went on to tell how it was possible to work in a match of almost half an hour with the opponent in those conditions, but in the end, he managed to win despite the tortures of the former Messiah: "It's one of those things in which, I've never come across anything like it, so the preparation is completely brand new.

It was a full obstacle thrown in the way that I had never seen before and so we tried to adapt to it and it was an interesting process. I think what we got from it was magic, how we got there wasn't ideal, but that's life, you have to try to face and resist adversity." Vince Russo believes only one person (Cody Rhodes) stands out as the leading candidate to dethrone John Cena if the WWE veteran wins a 17th world title.

“I guess [Rhodes would dethrone Cena], when you look at the hand you have, yeah,” Russo said. “What else is there, bro? They’ve been there with Drew [McIntyre], they’ve been there with [Bobby] Lashley.

I don’t know what else there is”. AEW star Ricky Starks recently spoke about his friendship with WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes. "Absolutely [On still being in touch with Cody Rhodes]...I know a lot of people make up these rumors and ideas because I'm friends with someone that certain things happen, and it's just funny to me other people like how dare he still talk to? It's like if you had a real friendship with someone, you guys would know that it doesn't matter where they go or what happens to them."

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