Ronda Rousey receives harsh criticism

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Ronda Rousey receives harsh criticism

In recent years, one of the female protagonists of the WWE rings who has grown the most in front of the TV screens of the federation is undoubtedly Ronda Rousey, currently a former champion of Friday Night Smackdown, who is in a feud with Natalya and Liv Morgan, with her Canadian friend for several years, which supported her even before she arrived in WWE, which was defeated by Ronda at Money in the Bank, only to lose the title for the collection of Liv.

Ronda's love of pro-wrestling has been a thing of the past for years, so much so that Baddest Woman on the Planet had made some WWE ring appearances when she was still an MMA athlete and worked for Dana White's UFC but in the meantime, she was already winking at the world of pro-wrestling discipline, which in the end welcomed her with open arms, after only a few years.

In the last period, however, especially in the juncture in which Rousey was at home, for her first pregnancy, the girl managed to bring on the wrath of several insiders and several fans, attacking the world of wrestling and insulting some very important characteristics of the world of the discipline, such as the storylines or the pre-established part of the match.

Ronda Rousey is a great champion

Apparently, for some former UFC colleagues, Ronda Rousey would even be sold, for her transition from UFC to WWE, with the fighter Juliana Pena, who in her last interview wanted to literally shoot zero on the former colleague, currently engaged in the McMahon-owned rings.

In her last speech to the microphones of MMA Hour, Juliana said in fact: "She opened the door and started destroying people in 10 seconds and became a star because she demolished everyone in the first round and that's great - but she was knocked out twice and never came back.

So what legitimacy is it? She went into pro wrestling. And I think it's a great idea in the end too. But as a fighter and someone who is also very competitive, I know that - basically - it probably gnaws at her, the fact that she went away with two defeats by KO and that she never returned to leave her name in a manner positive.

It's now sort of a joke in the MMA world because she's - what's the word? - a sold-out. But to me, she's real shit, to everyone who told her 'you're the deal, you're the real deal' I too would have said it if she had stayed in the UFC. And if ever maybe one day she wants to make some smoke with me, some real smoke, I'm ready."

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