New details on 2022 SummerSlam

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New details on 2022 SummerSlam

A few days ago we reported how the well-known journalist Andrew Zarian had confirmed that from the episode of Monday 18 July of Monday Night Raw, WWE would return after years to TV-14, or a product dedicated to teenagers and adults and no longer to the whole family, as happened from 2008 onwards, when WWE had become TV-PG or a product for children too.

In Zarian's confirmation, we read: "Starting from July 18, WWE Raw will have a TV-14 rating going forward on USA Network. The PG Era is over." However, the well-known overseas journalist seems to have spoken too soon, because in WWE this decision has not yet been made and for the time being, it seems, will not be made.

In the hours following the rumor, in fact, conflicting news had emerged regarding this historical change in TV programming, with the programs, including SummerSlam, of the McMahon-owned company that in fact will remain branded with the TV-PG for another time.

The pressure was given by USA Network, the TV station that has been broadcasting Monday Night Raw for years, which had already asked WWE months ago to return to a more adult show, to try to increase the ratings, at the top of the US demographic.

SummerSlam is one of the four biggest premium live events in WWE.

Latest update on SummerSlam

Roman Reigns defeated Brock Lesnar to become the unified world champion at WrestleMania 38. The Beast is back for the titles, and the two titans will battle each other in the main event of the show.

Now, in this strange diatribe and this strange case, Peacock TV, the American streaming service that broadcasts all WWE PPVs on American soil, would also have slipped into this strange case, which would be sponsoring the next WWE Big Four as a PPV.

TV-14 and therefore forbidden to the smallest group of fans, who fall instead in the PG ratings. At the moment we do not know what the internal plans of the WWE are, but listening to the various revelations online, of the various Andrew Zarian and Dave Meltzer, it seems that the WWE TV-PG could finally have an end with the next weekend, or that of SummerSlam, with WWE that would return to TV-14 after years of family shows, due to the pressure of its networks and also partly due to the pressure of its shareholders, always very attentive to the steps that the federation takes on TV.