Rey Mysterio pays tribute to The Miz

Rey Mysterio has made the history of WWE and wrestling in general

by Simone Brugnoli
Rey Mysterio pays tribute to The Miz

Rey Mysterio has made the history of WWE and wrestling in general, having managed to make millions of fans fall in love in every corner of the planet. In addition to being a three-time world champion, he has also won the Intercontinental title twice, the United States Championship twice, the WWE Tag Team Championship four times and the SmackDown Tag Team Championship once alongside his son Dominik.

He was the 14th wrestler in WWE history to achieve the Grand Slam and the 21st to complete the Triple Crown. The 47-year-old of Mexican descent is experiencing a second youth thanks to his son Dominik, who has made a very good fit on the WWE roster demonstrating flashes of crystal-clear talent.

On the first night of WrestleMania 38, the two were defeated by The Miz and Logan Paul in one of the most exciting fights of the entire evening. A guest in the latest edition of 'WWE The Bump', Rey wanted to pay tribute to his colleague The Miz.

Rey Mysterio praises The Miz

“The Miz is one of those guys you hate because of his character, but you can't but respect for his attitude” - explained Rey Mysterio. “He works hard every day and never leaves anything to chance.

He is the first to show up for work and the last to leave, you cannot despise him. While his character is truly hateful, there is no denying that he is an exemplary professional. I take off my mask in front of him” - added Rey.

Recently, Sam Adonis urged the masked luchador not to hang up his boots: “I don't see a single reason Rey should retire. In Mexico, masks are truly iconic. In particular, the Mysterio mask has a very deep history. The mask is a symbol of hope, which reminds everyone that anyone can make his dream come true, regardless of his origin, size or ethnicity.

It's not just wrestling. Rey Mysterio has all the credentials to continue performing in WWE, perhaps with a reduced schedule”. On the latest edition of WWE's The Bump, Rey Mysterio shared his thoughts on working with Batista: "I was tag team champion with Batista as well, and to be able to do a storyline with Dave, it just felt really good.

I hadn't done a big storyline with one of my partners or a tag team partner that I had held the belts with. So doing it with Dave and the turn from Dave - I don't think people saw it coming until of course he snatched me from the neck and then just yelled in my face, 'You were supposed to be my friend."

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