Possible spoiler on SummerSlam main event

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Possible spoiler on SummerSlam main event

At SummerSlam Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns will face off in a Last Man Standing Match, a meeting with a special stipulation that should once and for all end the rivalry between the two. The match will feature the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship, currently held by the "Tribal Chief".

Apparently, there is a sensational spoiler about the main event winner on the net. A user shared on Reddit the photo of a new action figure from the Ringside Collectibles line showing Brock Lesnar with both titles. So will "The Beast" come out victorious from Nashville? Obviously, there is nothing certain about it, but it seems curious how WWE has decided to make a new action figure for Lesnar right now.

A victory for him was also predicted by Goldberg, his longtime rival. Obviously, Austin Theory, the new Mister Money in the Bank, must also be included in the mix, who has promised to cash in on anyone who comes out as champion from the match.

What will happen at SummerSlam?

This year's edition of SummerSlam will be staged on July 30 in Nashville, Tennesse. According to some rumors it could be the first major WWE event to revive the TV-14 rating, but even in this case, nothing is confirmed.

The rating, in any case, would be well suited to the stipulation chosen for the main event between the two giants. Reigns has now passed 700 days as Universal Champion and 100 as WWE Champion, appearing unstoppable. There was no lack of criticism from fans who complained about his sporadic appearances.

Should Reigns manage to successfully defend the titles, his next challenge should be at Clash at the Castle, the great British event scheduled for September in Wales. All the facts lead to a possible confrontation with Drew Mcintyre, who in this case would be the favorite of the public, and to a victory for the Scotsman.

Obviously, WWE always likes to shuffle the cards on the table, so there is always the saying "anything can happen". Goldberg joined Good Morning Football today and was asked to predict the winner of the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship match.

"I've got to with the big boy, I've got to go with Brock. You never know what is going to happen when Brock gets in the ring with anybody, let alone Roman. We've seen it a couple of times but no matter how many times we've seen those two go at it, there's always going to be something new," he said.

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