The Undertaker made a shocking appearance

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The Undertaker made a shocking appearance

The Undertaker made the history of this business, having personally contributed to spreading the WWE product to every corner of the planet. A little over two years ago, the Digger faced AJ Styles in a 'Boneyard Match' at Wrestlemania 36.

The match was set up within a few months but still gave a great show, turning out to be the last match of the Deadman's career. Their feud began after Phenom's victory over AJ in the Tuwaiq Mountain Trophy. Subsequently, Taker intervened during Styles' match against Aleister Black at Elimination Chamber.

The two wanted to perform at the Showcase of the Immortals in front of an audience of great occasions, but the outbreak of the pandemic has upset the cards on the table. WWE was then forced to host the most important event of the year behind closed doors, while Styles and Undertaker gave birth to a cinematic match that wowed fans from home, from a cemetery set up somewhere in the US.

Shortly before WrestleMania 38, Taker was also fully inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by Vince Mcmahon himself.

The latest news on The Undertaker

During the last night, several WWE Superstars took part in Mattel's presentation of the new lines of action figures of the Stamford-based company, with the h*ttest name fans expected, which was the advertised name of Cody Rhodes, currently injured, who, however, acts as an ambassador of the WWE all over the USA, not being able to fight.

For over half an hour, only Cody, Tommaso Ciampa and Zelina Vega spoke, with Mattel who at one point also presented the WWE Legends line, proposing a new The Undertaker action figure, with the entrance music of the Deadman playing in the San Diego Comic-Con Pavilion.

Just at that moment, The Undertaker made its surprising and sensational entry on the scene, going to sit next to Cody Rhodes, amid the disbelief of fans and colleagues, with the Deadman who remained until the end of the convention, for happiness.

fans waiting, without his name even being advertised. Former WWE Superstar Charlie Haas has revealed that The Undertaker liked a signature move of his during a recent interview appearance. "I had seen some versions of the Haas of Pain in MMA, so I had some influence from that as well," Haas said.

"But I came up with this other move that I can do to everyone and even Taker liked it. It was called the Haas lock."

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