There is so much concern for Ric Flair

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There is so much concern for Ric Flair

We all remember the historic Wrestlemania 24 match between Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels, which was supposed to lead the Nature Boy to permanently retire from wrestling, even if it didn't, for nothing. Less than two years later, the two-time WWE Hall of Famer took part in a tour of longtime friend Hulk Hogan and then became part of the roster of the then TNA, now IMPACT Wrestling where he fought his last.

match on September 15, 2011, against Sting. Now the legendary father of Charlotte Flair is ready to return to the ring on July 31st as part of the Starrcast event organized by the husband of her eldest daughter, podcaster and well-known wrestling-themed collector, Conrad Thompson, who asked him if he wanted to have one last match, with the legend who answered yes.

After the announcement of the Nature Boy, the world of pro-wrestling has been unleashed, among those who call it crazy, to get into the ring at the age of 70 and those who appreciate the desire to never give up, even in the face of age and at the time.

Ric Flair is getting ready

Apparently, in the last few hours, it seems that the physical situation of the Nature Boy Ric Flair is a bit in danger given his match, with several people and colleagues close to the athlete now over seventy, who would be worrying about him.

As revealed in the last hours by the well-known Dave Melzer of the Wrestling Observer, due to training, it would seem that Flair has found a foot injury, not being used to ring rhythms for years. At the moment, however, disabling injuries have not been formalized, which could stop Flair from getting into the ring, but the situation is starting to become more and more delicate as if it had not been enough before.

We remember how the athlete is working and fighting in the ring in training with a pacemaker implanted by the doctors, due to the problems in his heart a few years ago. Despite his foot problem, however, people close to the Nature Boy assume he will be attending the big Starrcast convention.

The two-time WWE Hall of Famer recently appeared on Busted Open on Sirius XM to promote the event. “She’ll (Charlotte Flair) be there, but I don’t know whether she will be on camera or not, said Flair. He continued, “…If it weren’t for me, I mean, I don’t think she’ll miss it even if Andrade wasn’t involved."

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