Vince McMahon Announces Retirement on Twitter

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Vince McMahon Announces Retirement on Twitter

Vincent Kennedy McMahon recently announced on Twitter that he is retiring from the WWE. “At 77, time for me to retire,” McMahon wrote. “Thank You, WWE Universe. Then. Now. Forever. Together”. The WWE corporate site also followed up with a confirmation that Vince McMahon has actually retired.

Vince McMahon is currently 77 years old. He stopped performing all corporate duties after an investigation was launched to look into a series of hush money payments allegedly made by Vince McMahon. According to the allegation, Vince paid a female employ to stop her from accusing Vince McMahon and John Laurinaitis of potential harassment, misconduct and abuse.

John was the Head of Talent Relations. He has been replaced by Triple H ever since the investigation started, and Triple H will be starting his role as the new Head of Talent Relations officially today.

Vince McMahon Says That He Is Done With The WWE For Good

Vince McMahon’s daughter Stephanie McMahon has stepped in as Interim Chairwoman and CEO.

Even though she is the CEO right now, Vince McMahon still has creative control of the company. WWE will be holding their tentpole event SummerSlam on the 30th of July. However, Vince and Executive Producer, Kevin Dunn were reportedly absent from last week’s Smackdown tapings.

Vince McMahon became a huge center of attention in June. The WWE board of directors started an investigation to get details about a number of non-disclosure agreements between WWE female employees and Vince McMahon. Apparently, Vince McMahon had paid more than $12 million over 16 years to various employees.

Allegedly, he did that to stop them from accusing him of harassment and abuse. The reporters from the Wall Street Journal that broke the story stated that there are other details that haven’t been revealed yet. Even though there were some serious allegations against Vince McMahon, he still appeared regularly on WWE TV.

He also appeared on John Cena’s 20 year anniversary celebration to introduce him and invite him out to the arena. According to many wrestling industry veterans, Vince McMahon is the reason why professional wrestling is so popular these days.

Vince McMahon was the one that introduced the world to WrestleMania, which was the event which made wrestling extremely popular throughout the world. Vince McMahon, is also the brain’s behind the success of many professional wrestlers. He was also the person that was behind the creation of many legendary wrestling characters.

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