Will WWE make a new deal with Brock Lesnar?

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Will WWE make a new deal with Brock Lesnar?

During late Friday afternoon, US time, WWE and its now retired Chairman Vince McMahon announced to the world how he would retire forever from the leadership of America's and the world's number one company, his creation of excellence: the WWE.

After leaving the whole world stunned with a statement released on all the federation's platforms, there was however an apparently insurmountable problem that immediately worried the fans of the federation and above all the insiders and the management of the company: the farewell of Brock Lesnar.

A few minutes before the broadcast of Smackdown, in fact, Brock Lesnar would have learned like everyone else of the farewell of the Chairman and would have decided to leave the arena in which the episode of the blue show was about to air, without continuing his agreement with the WWE.

In the end Lesnar still appeared in the post-main event of the episode, but what did WWE do to change his mind?

Brock Lesnar is a former Universal Champion

Of course, WWE couldn't do without its biggest name of all for the federation's next big event: Summerslam, with Lesnar and Roman Reigns being WWE's biggest attractions of the moment, with Stephanie McMahon and Triple H immediately getting to work convincing Brock Lesnar to go back or else they were already preparing a Plan B named Bill Goldberg for the Big Four main event.

As hypothesized by the usual Dave Meltzer, the WWE must have put their hand to the wallet in a very important way to convince the Beast to retrace his steps, as done by Vince McMahon already several times in the past, with the well-known journalist of the Wrestling Observer who has stated: "It was imperative that Lesnar return.

The basic thought was - the most famous guy you have on the roster who was advertised for the show in Boston, all of a sudden it's gone, which is the worst thing that can happen. They had to make sure that he absolutely came back.

I was not told for sure what the deal was that brought him back. The worst part is that all of a sudden Vince quits and anarchy comes. Brock's farewell and changing SummerSlam would have been an absolute disaster right now, so they made sure it didn't happen, it cost what it cost."

In practice, from what Meltzer hinted, Lesnar would receive another substantial "bonus" to retrace his steps, with the Beast appearing just as expected at the end of Smackdown.