Valerie Loureda makes a surprising announcement

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Valerie Loureda makes a surprising announcement

At the end of June, we reported that WWE had officially signed MMA fighter Valerie Loureda after she had already appeared in the NXT backstage a few weeks earlier and had visited the Performance Center. Just a few days after she started her training at the Performance Center, as five days ago, on her 24th birthday, she tweeted to announce it, she appeared in a WWE ring during a house show.

by NXT. WWE recently held a live NXT 2.0 event in Cocoa, Florida, where former fighter Bellator appeared. Loureda did a promo but didn't fight during the event, which is also done by The Rock's daughter. WWE is probably testing them and practicing them before taking them to TV shows.

Update on Valerie Loureda

We let you know that Valerie Loureda had told Fightful that the person who pushed her to join WWE was Charlotte Flair: "Yes, Charlotte Flair is what pushed me to do so. My last fight was in November.

and in my mind, I was still fighting. Then, I went to WrestleMania - have you ever been there guys? It's just another level. You go there and then you come out different than you were before. That's what made me change my mind and I just prayed for this opportunity and it came out."

When the official signing with WWE was announced she also said: “I am honored to become the first Cuban American woman in history to sign with WWE. I come from an immigrant family, now it's my time to represent our Latin culture, I was destined for this.

Thanks for this WWE and NXT opportunity. I will make you proud." On the occasion of her birthday on July 19th, Valerie had tweeted, as quoted above, a couple of photos of her at the Performance Center that read: “Best birthday present ever.

I turn 24 on my first day as an Official WWE Superstar." Top WWE Superstar Riddle has given his thoughts on the company's recent signing of Bellator MMA star Valerie Loureda. "Now, she is extremely beautiful, she’s extremely talented in the cage.

I think she kind of checks the majority of the boxes, but until you get in front of a crowd and front of a camera and on a mic, it’s different... Nobody’s a natural right off the bat," said Riddle. "But, I think she’s got a promising future. She looks amazing, she can work, she can move."