Commander Azeez changes his gimmick

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Commander Azeez changes his gimmick

In recent years, we have seen numerous WWE athletes who have received some drastic gimmick changes, including those who switched roster to roster, with a new ring gear, and new music and those who instead have been joined by someone else with a new character to bring to the stage, such as now Mace and Mansoor, who have become models for Maximum Male Models, after spending months looking for something new.

Two of the characters who had already been "modified" by WWE were Apollo Crews and Commander Azeez, massive main roster athletes, who had been joined on their journey at Smackdown, with Apollo becoming a member of a wealthy Nigerian family and with Azeez who had instead gone from being a wrestler in Raw Underground, without rules and hesitation, to being instead the bodyguard of the former Intercontinental Champion.

In recent weeks, we have seen how Apollo has returned to NXT 2.0, with his feud in sight with the absolute champion of the brand that now seems to be around the corner, with the WWE having decided to take off the gimmick of a Nigerian despot, causing him to revert to babyface.

Commander Azeez returns to NXT

Apparently, in the latest WWE NXT house show, obviously not filmed by the federation cameras, which aired last night in Cocoa Beach in Florida, Commander Azeez returned to be seen by the public, this time however alongside Cora.

Jade, as his bodyguard. The two also faced Sanga and Ivy Nyle in a tag team match, which they lost. As confirmed by the fans present in the arena, Azeez presented himself with a completely different look from the one he had alongside Apollo Crews, with his role that will soon be that of Jade's bodyguard also on-screen, in the next episodes.

of the federation's color brand. As usual, WWE first wanted to insert its news in a live event not captured by the cameras, and then propose this change also to the general public, to initially see what type of feedback the wrestler would have had in front of a live audience and to go and edit any details, before the live TV.

So let's expect to see also the mammoth Azeez, who could now have yet another name, in the next episodes of NXT, in the feud of the mid-carding girls of the WWE color brand. Apollo Crews gave plaudits to Azeez for helping him stay away from complacency in the ring and also aiding him to leave his comfort zone from time to time.

“It’s nice to see him [Azeez] grow because he was thrown into a situation where a lot of people could have sunk. He’s doing very well and he’s growing, and I love seeing it."