WWE returns to a historic arena

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WWE returns to a historic arena

All eyes of web Wrestling, and beyond, are on tonight's show: it will in effect be the first episode of Monday Night Raw without Vince McMahon in command (the WWE patron decided to retire on Friday) and will go live from Madison Square Garden, a building that needs no introduction.

The return of the WWE to the historic New York City arena is currently a huge success. According to what was reported by PWInsider, the show is officially "sold out": this means that over 20 thousand tickets have been sold (this is the maximum capacity of the MSG).

Lots of meat on the agenda: from Rey Mysterio's celebration of his 20 years in WWE to the return of the Undisputed Champion Roman Reigns, who this evening will team up with Usos to face Riddle and Street Profits.

WWE returns to the MSG

Also advertised is the presence of YouTuber Logan Paul, who will continue the rivalry with The Miz (the two will face off at SummerSlam after being tag team partners at WWE WrestleMania a few months ago).

To return to Rey, however, it will be interesting to understand whether or not his son Dominik will join Finn Balor's Judgment Day, as promised last week. Also, beware of the possible return of Edge. In recent weeks, mysterious cartoons have aired with clear references to past superstars such as Eddie Guerrero, Mick Foley and Kurt Angle, legends who have had great rivalries with the Canadian wrestler.

After being kicked out of the stable that he had created, Edge should return with the old gimmick, that of the "Rated R Superstar", just tonight at Madison Square Garden. Just in time for SummerSlam and maybe take revenge on Damian Priest or Finn Balor, or better of both.

No certain news, however, on the passage of the WWE from TV-PG to TV-14, but by now it should only be a matter of time. Meanwhile, Dutch Mantell believes Nick Khan might have played a significant role in Vince McMahon's retirement decision.

"Well, I think that Nick Khan was inserted into the company, and I said this a long time ago. I think he was inserted there to get Vince out," said Dutch Mantell. "Now, somehow, all these NDAs leaked from Titan Towers to the Wall Street Journal.

Now, how did they get leaked? They had to leak from the inside, and I'm not accusing anybody; I want to make that clear. But how did they leak it out from Stamford?"