Sami Zayn reveals his future plans

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Sami Zayn reveals his future plans

Sami Zayn has carved out a fairly important space within the WWE roster. When he made his main roster debut in 2016, there were no great expectations of him. Over the next six years, the 38-year-old Canadian won the Intercontinental title three times and the NXT Championship once.

Sami is also known for his past on the independent circuit, where he performed disguised under the ring name of 'El Generico' Zayn also took part in the 38th edition of WrestleMania, but was defeated by Johnny Knoxville in an 'Anything Goes match'

In addition to being considered a hard worker in the ring, Laval's wrestler has always stood out for his talent on the microphone. His character has undergone many changes over the past four and a half years, starting with Hell in a Cell 2017.

In the latest edition of 'Broken Skull Sessions', the program led by Stone Cold Steve Austin, the 'Master Strategist' revealed what he intends to do after he retires from the ring.

Sami Zayn on his future

“I still don't know when I will hang up my boots, there are so many factors that I cannot control.

An athlete could be forced to retire at a time when he doesn't want to, maybe because of an injury or something like that” - explained Sami Zayn. "Having always done well on the microphone, I would like to follow in the footsteps of Paul Heyman" - he confided.

Sami is much more confident than in the past: “Now I feel more comfortable in WWE than I was a few years ago. In the past I was stressed out, I always felt under pressure and I was constantly struggling to gain a few inches in the hierarchy.

I didn't enjoy my time in the ring, which I have learned to do in the last few years. I'd like to climb even higher and have more time for TV shows. I do my best every week and believe my work is appreciated by the WWE Universe.

I think I have found the perfect balance”. Here's what Sami Zayn had to say on winning world titles in WWE: "So, I don’t know. There’s two ways to look at it. Ultimately, I think I skew a little more towards the Finn Balor perspective, which is really, I don’t care.

At the end of the day, that’s not what it’s really about. I’m saying this as a human being, not as a performer or a WWE Superstar. As a person, that’s not what drives me."