Triple H leads the WWE creative team

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Triple H leads the WWE creative team

A new arcane has finally been revealed regarding the future of WWE no longer under the control of Vincent Kennedy McMahon. After his retirement which we told you about through Pro Wrestling Culture Episode 209 and Greater Good Volume 11, we know that Vince's previous role will now be shared by Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan.

The real news, however, comes as regards the creative team and therefore who will have the real decision-making power to take over the management of the roster and how to propose it on the big screens of the USA Network and FOX!

This is Triple H, the man already chosen to relate to talents, will therefore cover the same role already played in the past with NXT, an element capable of making the then yellow and black brand one of the most important not only for the stories and quality of the matches it contains but also for the atmosphere generated between weekly episodes and TakeOver.

Triple H has been responsible for bringing countless new signings to WWE over the last several years.

Triple H's comeback!

Very important news reported by Sean Ross and confirmed by multiple sources, including an official WWE press release, which is making the entire WWE Universe enthusiastic about believing in the serious possibility of seeing a product sparkling again on the main roster, aka on Monday Night RAW and Friday Night SmackDown.

We don't know how much these movements will affect NXT 2.0, but WWE is certainly preparing in the best possible way for a series of changes that will dictate the future of the federation between now and the next decade (and beyond).

In the meantime, it will be necessary to tune in tonight through the new episode of RAW complete with the last stop of the red show before SummerSlam, the PPV of the most important summer for WWE and staged in Nashville on Saturday 30 July with the definitive clash between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar in a Last Man Standing match valid for the Undisputed Universal Championship held by the Head of the Table and leader of the Bloodline.

Recently, Pat McAfee signed an extension multiyear contract with WWE. "Very few can transition from professional athletics to entertainment the way @PatMcAfeeShow has. In short, he 'gets it' & the authenticity he brings to his fans & the @WWE Universe is the same he brings to every facet of his life. A pleasure working wit him. (Plus, he's jacked!)," Triple H said in a tweet.