Rey Mysterio reveals when he will retire!

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Rey Mysterio reveals when he will retire!

Rey Mysterio is the man with almost the longest career in WWE. He marked his career with many successes and is one of the trademarks of WWE. However, Rey is already entering serious years and many are wondering when he will end his career.

Rey Mysterio talked about exactly that in a conversation with Ariel Helwani. “It’s funny because they don’t prep you up now as they do for NFL players. For wrestling, I’ve always heard from others that they just go until they can’t anymore.

There’s no start and end date. You just run through it until you can’t or until you step away to do something else." His goal is to be a part of the organization until the age of 50, but it seems that he feels good and could exceed his limit.

“For me, now that I’m getting closer to my fifties and I see my son wrestling, I tell myself that I wanna go three more years and I don’t wanna go past fifty. But then I remind myself, what if I feel good.

Can you still go another year? As of right now, my date has always been to not go over fifty”.

Rey Mysterio and his son

A few months ago, in an interview with TMZ, Rey Mysterio revealed that he has never felt better, and his son plays a big role in that: "I think this is the time I've been enjoying the most 'cause I get to step in there with my son, I get to guide him, I get to see his growth, I interact with the fans," he said.

"I think the moment that I go back and re-watch a match that I have and see myself slowing down, then I'll say, 'You know what Rey? Damn, it's time to hang it up now,'" Rey Mysterio concluded for TMZ.