Backstage reaction to Triple H's return

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Backstage reaction to Triple H's return

A revolution of this kind, in WWE, nobody expected, especially in such a sudden way, after the first 6 months of the year marked by the return of Vince McMahon also in the ring as a wrestler, in the latest edition of Wrestlemania.

After seeing the over seventy-year-old return to the square in an official match against Pat McAfee, with the entry of Steve Austin who sent the show's audience into raptures, no one expected that just a few months later, the Chairman would abdicate in favor of daughter Stephanie and husband Triple H, with Steph who took the lead becoming the CEO together with Nick Khan and with the Triple who in the last few hours has instead returned to head of the creative team, this time alone, without a hand of his father-in-law, now permanently retired.

After the extra-marital troubles for Vince McMahon, the right choice for him was to permanently step aside, leaving the command to his younger daughter, with Shane McMahon now excluded from the WWE management after what happened backstage at the Royal Rumble.

Latest update on Triple H

As might be expected, the federation crew, as soon as they learned of the official return of Triple H at the head of the creative section of the company, exploded with joy, as the plans and storylines of Vince McMahon in recent years were not been appreciated by the insiders, especially those en route to the company.

As reported in the very last minutes by Sean Ross Sapp of the Fightful site, in fact: "The reaction of the talents to the news was one of general excitement. Many were worried about the role of Bruce Prichard both in terms of the creative part and in terms of the relationship with the talents, as many had complained that they had to ask to stay out for a period of rest, just to the one who had to see the creative fate of their characters."

Prichard will remain one of the fundamental pawns of the WWE creative team, even if he will not be in charge, given that the Triple will now totally take the situation in hand, both on the main roster and at NXT. We'll see if from tonight's Monday Night Raw episode we will see any improvements or big changes or if for the moment the WWE will follow the line dictated by Vince McMahon in recent years.