Becky Lynch is ready for a big change

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Becky Lynch is ready for a big change

Recently, Becky Lynch, who this weekend in Summerslam will face Bianca Belair to try to bring home the Raw champion belt, wanted to reply to a tweet about her. The profile of the artist Art Tavana tweeted about the wrestler, with her two photos, with the words: "Becky Lynch is elegant, hot, she can talk, she has comic timing, she can fight with the best there are, she is a fashionista, she is trained for mimicry, has the charisma of a legendary pop star, and rocks.

They wanted to design a sports entertainer in a lab, they did @BeckyLynchWWE." The wrestler replied to the tweet: "I was not designed in the laboratory like the others. I am a product of nearly 20 years of dedication, in-depth training, heart, passion, resilience, and high-level performance, always up to it, continuously.

evolution, without getting on with the physical aspect. And at Summerslam, I will become your next champion."

New details on Becky Lynch

WWE described the match between the two as follows: "At Summerslam, Bianca Belair will face Becky Lynch in a very personal duel for the Raw Women's Championship.

From her triumphant victory over Lynch to the Raw Women's Championship at WrestleMania 38, her second female title captured on The Grandest Stage of Them All, Belair was a dominant force at the top of Raw's mountain.

All the while, an unpredictable Lynch has simply gone insane in her quest to regain the gold, whether by engaging in a chaotic rivalry with Asuka, fighting in a Triple Threat Match at WWE Hell in a Cell or fighting in Money in the Bank.

Women's Ladder Match. Big Time Becks went on to get into the title holder's head when she interfered in Belair's Raw Women's Title Match against Carmella on the July 11 episode of Raw to give the most beautiful woman in all of WWE a win by count.

-out. After The EST of WWE corrected that defeat with a win over Mella in a title rematch the following week, the path was set for Belair to take on The Man at The Biggest Event of the Summer. Last year in Summerslam it was Lynch's shocking return that derailed Belair's first reign.

Can the East take revenge in front of the mob of her state in Nashville?" Recently, Becky Lynch has commented on former Divas Champion Paige parting ways with the WWE. "I met Saraya when she was only 13 years old.

Even then you could tell that she was going to be a star. Before she could legally drink in America, she had changed the game completely and forever. #ThankYouPaige," - wrote Lynch.