Is the FBI investigating WWE?

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Is the FBI investigating WWE?

According to what was reported in recent weeks by the Wall Street Journal, Vince McMahon is allegedly undergoing an internal investigation by the WWE board of directors for having paid $3 million to a former employee with whom he had an extramarital affair.

It was initially unclear whether that amount came from Vince's funds or whether the company's money was used. The situation has degenerated in the last few days and many have been wondering for days if McMahon's position was in danger, even if initially it seemed very unlikely that the owner of the WWE could risk his place.

The well-known portal Fightful, in recent days, had revealed further details on this delicate story: "The sources we spoke with told us that the relationship between Vince McMahon and the paralegal had been suspected by many in the company, having noticed how the latter continued to receive substantial promotions despite budget cuts."

Eventually, Vince McMahon stepped back as chairman of the federation, making way for daughter Stephanie and WWE co-chair Nick Khan, with the two eventually becoming the official CEOs, after McMahon officially decided on Friday.

withdraw from WWE, removing his position permanently from management.

New troubles for WWE?

The damage done by Vince McMahon's said to be greater than what was thought until a few days ago, with the Wall Street Journal continuing to follow the story closely, reporting fresh news on the matter every day, it seems that Vince has even covered his various escapades with over $14 million coming precisely from the WWE coffers and not from his private accounts, with the FBI, therefore, seeming to have opened a file currently kept top secret, on the question.

Some WWE sources, speaking with reporters from the Wall Street Journal had confirmed that the FBI had begun some interviews and some investigations, but with direct questions, no one has ever confirmed the seriousness of things, not disclosing the full extent of the problem.

The well-known newspaper also attempted to interview some direct interpreters of the WWE board, who declined any form of a comment, hiding behind a silence that at this moment is a must for the Stamford-based company. Vince McMahon's retirement, therefore, seems to hide even bigger problems on the horizon, which will probably come out, one at a time, in the coming weeks and months, with the former WWE Chairman now risking even more.