Vince Russo doesn't believe in Vince McMahon's retirement

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Vince Russo doesn't believe in Vince McMahon's retirement

In recent months, WWE has undergone numerous changes and numerous news that have gone around the world, changing what had been a consolidated reality for decades, leaving WWE Universe fans amazed. Only in the last few weeks, we have seen Vince McMahon end up in a huge cyclone due to his alleged affair (or more than one) extramarital affair with an employee, which then saw a big change within the WWE leadership, where John Laurinaitis and Vince himself have had to take a step back from the roles they have carried on for years.

In the end, John Laurinaitis was sidelined and deposed as director of talent at WWE, while Vince McMahon, last Friday, decided to permanently retire from the position of Chairman, to enjoy his well-deserved retirement at the threshold of 80.

His daughter Stephanie and the co-president of the company, Nick Khan, took over from Vince, while the creative part of the federation was entrusted entirely to the federation's COO, as well as Steph's husband, Triple H.

Vince Russo speculated that the timing of the TV-14 news may be linked to McMahon’s situation.

Vince Russo slams Vince McMahon

However, the news that made the whole pro-wrestling world tremble, doesn't seem to have convinced one of the former WWE insiders, Vince Russo, former head writer of WWE and WCW, who has become very famous for his rather weird ideas about WWE and all its protagonists.

In his latest statements released to the microphones of Legion of Raw, the well-known former WWE face said: "I worked with Vince McMahon. I know Vince well. Guys, if you think Vince McMahon is retired, you're chickens.

What do you think Vince McMahon is doing now? Could she be at home reading a book? Whether he goes to the beach for a walk or a day at the swimming pool in Connecticut. Retiring could simply mean that he no longer appears on TV or in the office, but if you think it's not all handled by him yet, that he's not calling everything, well then you don't know Vince McMahon at all.

If they’re bumping that rating from PG to TV-14, the phenomenal thing would be, Chris, they’re gonna make the Vince allegations part of the storyline,” Russo said. “That would be tremendous. I would stand up and applaud them because you would need that higher rating in order to get into some of this”.