Raw: Rhea Ripley is back

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Raw: Rhea Ripley is back

In one of her latest online interventions, the former absolute champion of the main roster, Rhea Ripley, had wanted to confide to fans the nature of her injury, after being absent for a few weeks, confirming that the problem with her teeth was not completely concluded.

after running to the dentist a couple of months ago. In her comment, Rhea wrote: "Head/teeth. You can't see a head injury. Stop being incompetent and looking for nothing." That response was an angry response to those fans who saw her online photos of her and teased her by writing phrases like "You don't look at all injured by these photos" or the like.

However, it initially seemed that Rhea Ripley's physical situation had gotten a little more serious, or at least a little more complex than fans imagined. In one of her latest online appearances, the wrestler had claimed to be struggling with a heart monitoring machine, which usually mounts on people who have problems with arrhythmias or heart pressure, but at the end of this device nothing more was known about it.

Rhea Ripley is back

This week's episode of WWE RAW saw the return of Rhea Ripley. During one of the segments of Monday Night Raw that aired this night, WWE wanted to celebrate its legendary San Diego elf, Rey Mysterio, who signed his first WWE contract 20 years ago exactly.

Also present during the celebrations was Rey's daughter, Aalyah, already seen in the WWE rings in the feud with Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy, with the young girl who had fallen in love with Raw's henchman of the Messiah at the time.

After surprising everyone with an unexpected comeback, Ripley first attacked Rey's daughter and then pulled Aalyah's older brother out of the room by the hair, with Rey following the athlete to save his son, but while coming through he was ambushed by Damian Priest and Finn Balor, who were ready behind the door to attack him.

In the end, Rey Mysterio was forcefully thrown on a table by a devastating Powerbomb from Priest, with the WWE that shortly after the angle wanted to confirm that in SummerSlam, the four components of this storyline (excluding Rhea Ripley of course) will face each other in a No DQ tag team match in the company's next Big Four, to the delight of the fans. As a result, fans went wild on social media when Ripley shoved her.