Raw: Theory proves his courageousness

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Raw: Theory proves his courageousness

For the first time, the Monday Night RAW episode opens without WWE head Vince McMahon, which is strange but, as written on Twitter and a bit also because of the scandal, at 77 it's time to retire. The episode opens with The Miz and Logan Paul who give each other a good reason, then joined by managers and referees who try to separate the two friends/enemies.

With this battle over, the episode finally begins with the entry of the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, accompanied by Paul Heyman and his cousins ​​The Usos. After solving a technical problem with the microphone, Heyman begins his speech praising the unbeatable supreme reign of Reigns, who on Sunday will reach 700 days as a champion, taking for granted the defeat of Brock Lesnar (so now the matches of Reigns are all for granted).

Reigns’ Special Counsel made it clear that the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion would take down Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam for good. Theory's music hit, and he got a lot of heat from the Madison Square Garden crowd.

Fortunately, however, Theory intervenes and revives Heyman's boring situation a bit, stating that not only will he take back the US title from Bobby Lashley, but that he will probably cash in and become champion.

The bravery of Theory

Reigns, disagreeing with the words of the young Mr Money in the Bank, belittles him, stating that his daddy is no longer there!

And that, if he wants, he can become Reigns himself. his daddy. That said, the Bloodline leaves the ring, Jey lightly hits Theory who reacts and hits him in turn with the briefcase and the story ends here for the moment. After the commercial, the ring announcer announces Theory, who is quickly interrupted by Drew McIntyre THEORY VS DREW MCINTYRE The match starts well for the Scotsman who immediately manages to put Theory in difficulty, who tries to react, making McIntyre even angrier.

Near the end of the match, after a Double A Spinebuster, McIntyre is joined and hit by Sheamus and Mary Poppins' gang. WINNER: DREW MCINTYRE BY DQ Bobby Lashley comes to the rescue and after the two sides have got rid of the opponents, a match is sanctioned.

THE SCOTTISH ALL MIGHTY BOBBY LASHLEY & DREW MCINTYRE VS THEORY & SHEAMUS Very physical match, given the participants it is also there as a thing. They give them a blessing until Theory arrives and tries to put Lashley in trouble.

He tries to close the match when he sees Dolph Ziggler on the edge and gets distracted, favoring Lashley, who executes the Hurt Lock. WINNERS: DREW MCINTYRE & BOBBY LASHLEY.