Raw: Rey Mysterio celebrated his 20th Anniversary


Raw: Rey Mysterio celebrated his 20th Anniversary

Meanwhile, a video is sent that summarizes Rey Mysterio's multi-year career! Backstage we find Dolph Ziggler interviewed by Kevin Patrick, who asks him why he has it with Theory and Ziggler replies with a nice "he must learn his lesson".

Beautiful thing. However, the latter is joined by AJ Styles who tells him that the two of them have a great opportunity together, but are disturbed by Chad Cable and Otis, who challenge them to a match. WWE, as it should be, celebrates Rey Mysterio for her 20th anniversary since her WWE debut.

Rey and Dominik, in the ring, ready to speak, are dominated by the choruses “Thank You, Rey”. As a small boy and a proud Latino, Rey Mysterio cites all his greatest successes and those who, over the years, have proved to be great friends and mentors, such as Batista, Edge, Dean Malenko, and Kurt Angle, up to mention the inevitable Eddie Guerrero.

Furthermore, Rey is proud to have Dominik with him, he is proud to have him as a son and that thanks to him he will continue the Mysterio Legacy wherever he goes to fight. Finally he thanks all the WWE Universe that has always been close to him; and as the applause and all goes on, Dominik notices Finn Balor in the audience and then Damian Priest, ready to fight.

Rey Mysterio celebrated his 20th Anniversary

Rey Mysterio came out with his son to celebrate his 20th Anniversary. THE MYSTERIOS VS THE JUDGMENT DAY Alas Judgment Day had an incredible crash and only with Triple H maybe they can bring it up again.

We go back to the match and see that Rey begins to perform various moves and then moves his shoulders as Eddie Guerrero did. At the end of the fair, Rey pretends to be hit by the chair by Balor, who then falls into the trap and is thrown between the ropes.

The same thing happens to Priest too, with the two Mysterios going for a double 619 and finally, Rey hits Balor with a Frog Splash. WINNERS: THE MYSTERIOS The Mysterios return to the dressing room with relatives and friends to celebrate when Rhea Ripley arrives by surprise, who shoves Aliyah Mysterio away and grabs Dominik by the hair.

Finally, Judgment Day manages to overwhelm the Mexican team and Priest performs a powerbomb on the table against poor Rey. We return to the ring and find Bianca Belair who is immediately joined by Becky Lynch. The two speak little and if they begin to give it a hard time, even outside the ring and the situation does not calm down until the referees arrive.

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