*Spoiler* Dolph Ziggler and AJ Styles improve their chemistry

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*Spoiler* Dolph Ziggler and AJ Styles improve their chemistry

ALEXA BLISS VS DOUDROP. DDT by Bliss on Doudrop and goodnight to the dreamers. WINNER: ALEXA BLISS It is time for impulsive TV, the badly copied release of any talk show or simply of MIZ TV. The Host is, needless to say, Logan Paul, who calls The Miz into the ring.

To introduce himself, however, is Maryse, wife of The Miz. She states that he doesn't have plums but something bigger and has some sort of cast… forgets it. I only tell you that then comes The Miz, who is offended by Paul, who is taken from behind by Ciampa who, in turn, preys on him by Paul until The Miz intervenes and performs a Skull Crushing Finale.

AJ STYLES & DOLPH ZIGGLER VS ALPHA ACADEMY Match that's inspiring and seeing Ziggler and Styles together's fascinating. Anyway, Ziggler hits Gable with a superkick. Otis enters the ring to try to reverse the situation but Styles hits him with a Pele Kick, falling out of the ring.

Ziggler follows the trend of Gable who, staggering, approaches Ziggler who hits him with a Zig Zag. WINNERS: AJ STYLES & DOLPH ZIGGLER.

Dolph Ziggler and AJ Styles ran into Alpha Academy

Dolph Ziggler and AJ Styles ran into Alpha Academy backstage on WWE RAW.

Gable tagged in and hit a big slam but failed to connect with the moonsault. Meanwhile, THE BLOODLINE IS READY TO FIGHT! WE HAVE FINALLY ARRIVED AT THE MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING! THE BLOODLINE VS THE STREET PROFITS & RIDDLE I love Street Profits, I've been saying they deserve the titles again for weeks, yet WWE only sees Samoans.

But Vince is gone and things should change, who knows. Surprisingly Riddle RKOs Reigns and his back, winning the match WINNERS: RIDD… YOU WANTED EH?! Actually, In a moment of crazy confusion, the Usos hit Ford with a suicide dive.

Dawkins hits the Usos with a rugby tackle, throwing the two brothers over the barricades. Reigns hits Dawkins and throws him against the steel steps. Reigns returns to the ring and is caught off guard by Riddle, who performs a hanging DDT.

The bro par excellence is ready to perform the RKO, but Reigns avoids it and hits him with a spear. WINNERS: THE BLOODLINE Post Match, Rollins steps into the ring and attacks Riddle and Some over the steps. Thus ends the episode of Monday Night RAW.