What really happened to Riddle?

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What really happened to Riddle?

As we saw at the end of the last episode of Monday Night Raw, Seth Rollins decided to brutally attack Riddle, after the end of the main event, with the Bloodline that had made a clean sweep of the ring, beating Riddle himself and the Street Profits, with the team that will be faced by the Usos in the next Big Four of the company: SummerSlam.

In fact, Seth Rollins vs Riddle was also slated for WWE's summer Big Four, but ultimately, after Rollins' attack, Riddle was not declared adept at pursuing an in-ring business for some time, with the partner of Randy Orton who was declared injured, obviously according to the WWE storyline, because in reality, the wrestler is fine.

So why did the WWE creative team decide to oust the BroMan from SummerSlam? And why was the match canceled just before the airing of the ppv and not before?

Backstage News on Riddle

Thanks to the latest updates received online via the Fightful site, with the voice of the usual Sean Ross Sapp, we now also know why WWE wanted to change its plans at the last second: "WWE announced Wednesday that the match would not be taking part in the PPV, citing an injury from Riddle.

We are told that of course the injury is part of the storyline and there are plans to have the match later on anyway. People we spoke to mentioned 'creative adjustments' We were also told that the talents were notified of this on Monday and that they are working on having the Clash at the Castle match in September.

Be that as it may, with WWE continuing to change, it's possible this isn't even the final destination. For now, Seth Rollins is slated to be in Nashville for SummerSlam weekend and also has media engagements scheduled for Friday." Adam Pearce followed up the announcement by confirming it on social media and letting Riddle know that he's in his corner on the road to recovery.

Tweeting out: "Sadly, it is official. As someone that suffered a crushed brachial plexus in 2011, I know [the] road ahead for Riddle and wish for him the speediest and strongest recovery possible," Adam Pearce wrote. Rollins took to social media this afternoon to vent his frustrations at being left off the SummerSlam card this Saturday night.

Tweeting out: "For anyone who purchased a ticket to #SummerSlam hoping to see me in action, I apologize. I did everything I could over the last 6 months to earn my spot on this show, but some things are out of my control. Thank you for always singing my song. They'll hear ya someday," Seth Rollins wrote.