Charlotte Flair's move-rule for her father, Ric Flair

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Charlotte Flair's move-rule for her father, Ric Flair

Ric Flair will step into the ring on July 31 in Nashville to play the last match of his career. Despite the promised retirement after the Wrestlemania match against Shawn Michaels, who made the history of the Stamford company, the Nature Boy has decided to continue his career, first in TNA and now with the last match over the age of 70.

Many colleagues and industry experts have railed against this initiative by the 'Nature Boy', who is 73 years old and has had several health problems in recent times, even very serious ones. In addition to being a 16-time world champion, Flair has managed to transcend wrestling thanks to his dedication and innate charisma.

In 2012, Ric became the first wrestler in history to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame both individually and as a member of the 'Four Horsemen', with the distinction being given to other wrestlers as well. Ric Flair also managed to complete the Triple Crown in both WCW and WWE, over the course of his various stints.

Thanks to recent advertisements, we now have a better idea of when Charlotte Flair will be returning to WWE. Apparently, one of the people closest to Ric who greeted this decision to return to the ring was his daughter, the multiple-time WWE champion currently absent from the scenes, Charlotte Flair.

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Apparently, the daughter of the Nature Boy seems to also have given very strict indications to her father to be able to return him to the ring with her husband Andrade, even giving him impediments, real forbidden moves.

According to what was revealed by Marc Raimondi of the ESPN website, Ric Flair also wanted to make some dives outside the ring in the contest, with Charlotte who seemingly canceled those ideas, with the multiple-time champion of the McMahon-owned company who seems to have said: "A lot of our men and women from all companies get these moves wrong all the time.

And I say 'No, it's not necessary, it's not necessary. They weren't needed when you were young and they aren't needed now. So, no." Apparently, Charlotte has been really categorical on this thing, with Ric who will not be able to make certain maneuvers, which could seriously endanger the safety and health of the now over seventy-year-old Ric, who arrived in excellent condition despite everything. health to old age, after suffering the worst injuries in life.