Triple H is preparing a big surprise

Triple H has gradually stepped out of the ring in recent years

by Simone Brugnoli
Triple H is preparing a big surprise

As per reports, there have been changes to the SummerSlam card, with WWE having to oust the match between Seth Rollins and Riddle due to the injury just sought by Rollins against his opponent designated for the summer Big Four.

After the attack perpetrated with the steel stairs on Monday Night Raw, the WWE medical staff could not help but oust the BroMan from the dispute, who instead is fine, but must sell the injury in a kayfabe key, and then play the match on Clash of the Castle, which airs in September.

In a question and answer on Twitter, however, Rollins apologized to the fans because he would have wanted to be at the event, but his opponent will not be able to participate, with the COO of the company, Triple H, who immediately responded to his tweet, writing "I'm listening to you".

Apparently, there could therefore be a new surprise opponent for Rollins, as happened at Wrestlemania, when Cody Rhodes had turned up after years to present himself in front of the thousands of people waiting, leaving all the fans open-mouthed.

Triple H is ready

Obviously, not even the time to read these tweets, that the opponent was born on the internet, with Seth Rollins who has already been approached by several names of the company, but also to someone who has not worked for the WWE for some time.

Apparently, two of the most eligible names that could return, especially now that Vince McMahon has slipped away, according to the WrestlingNews site, are Bray Wyatt and Johnny Gargano's, with the former having been fired more than a year ago by the company, for the continuous health problems and the second who had instead waited for the end of his contract, not to have it renewed by the company, with his wife Candice LaRae who was expecting the firstborn.

The two, until now, have never gone to work in the rings of any rival company yet, with both having been approached by the AEW of the Khan family, but who have never found an agreement with them and at this point, we do not even know if the 'have ever tried.

At SummerSlam, will we really see one of them return to a WWE ring after a long time? Triple H has responded to Seth Rollins' latest tweet about missing WWE SummerSlam. Triple H then responded to the tweet with a three-worded message, saying that he "hears" the former WWE Champion. "I hear you!" he wrote.

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