WWE's original plans for Edge's return unveiled

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WWE's original plans for Edge's return unveiled
WWE's original plans for Edge's return unveiled

In recent weeks, some cryptic cartoons have been broadcast on the screens of the WWE that, in all probability, were aimed at the return of Edge. After being ousted from Judgment Day, a stable that he himself had created, the Canadian should have returned with the old gimmick from Rated R Superstar.

Many were expecting him to appear on Monday's Monday Night Raw episode, which aired in a Madison Square Garden Sold Out, but he didn't. Corroborating these hypotheses, PWInsider recently revealed how both Edge and his wife Beth Phoenix should have appeared during the episode.

The two were also advertised internally for SummerSlam weekend, but plans changed after Vince McMahon retired from WWE.

Latest update on Edge

We'll see if the Hall of Famer makes its big surprise return during the summer event, scheduled for Saturday, July 30 in Nashville, or if Triple H wants to keep it warm for post-SummerSlam.

Hunter has been promoted to head of the creative team in WWE and will want to give his touch to the Premium Live Event: according to some, the decision to cancel the match between Riddle and Rollins would have been his own.

Maybe Edge could intervene in the couple match between Judgment Day and the Mysterio family, which will be without disqualification, or build a rivalry for Clash at the Castle, the big event scheduled in Cardiff in September.

Many have also speculated the Canadian as Rollins' mysterious opponent, but the two have already clashed numerous times in the past. Edge's last appearance in WWE dates back to June 6 when he was attacked by Damien Priest, Finn Balor and Rhea Ripley.

The stable then turned his attention to Rey and Dominik Mysterio, a rivalry that will culminate in SummerSlam (and which according to some could see the son's turn heel towards his father). On the latest episode of RAW, fans were anticipating what The Judgment Day had to say in the aftermath of last week.

In a promo directed at Bianca Belair, Finn Balor explained that they turned on Edge because the trio were tired of being told what to do. "We're tired of playing nice. We're tired of taking orders. That's why we knocked Edge from his pedestal. And removed him from Judgment Day," said Balor.

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