Maria Kanellis would like to return to WWE

WWE has had to deal with the dire consequences of the global pandemic

by Simone Brugnoli
Maria Kanellis would like to return to WWE

Among the many wrestlers and professionals fired during the last two years by the WWE, were the husband and wife team known in the rings of the Stamford-based federation as Mike and Maria Kanellis. After seeing them in a fairly anonymous stint in the WWE, for the two there was nothing but a release that came also quite quietly, with Maria becoming pregnant shortly after their push in front of the company's cameras, with the couple who had been included in one of the many storylines with the 24/7 title of the federation up for grabs.

In one juncture, Maria had even become a champion, with her being pregnant that did not bring anyone near, for fear of hurting her, but in the end, this pregnancy left her husband alone, who was not already well seen by Vince McMahon, which resulted in both athletes being fired overnight.

Update on Maria Kanellis

Although in recent years Maria Kanellis has not spared anyone in WWE from criticism, from Triple H to his wife Stephanie McMahon, up to former Chairman Vince, at the moment it seems that the retirement of the historic CEO of the company has made his wife change her mind.

by Mike Bennett. In her last online posting, on her personal Twitter page, the former WWE athlete would have left the door open to a possible contact from the Stamford company, writing: "The wrestling world is wild at the moment.

I've always had a great working relationship with Triple H and I know Mike Bennett enjoyed his time at NXT. The right opportunity always meets talent sooner or later. If it's the right time, then it's the right time. When Mike and I were picked up from WWE, it was in March [of 2017].

So we were picked up in March and we were promised the world. We didn’t want to leave IMPACT." Without going too far, Maria Kanellis replied to the fan who asked her if she would ever return to WWE now that Stephanie and her husband Triple H are in charge, given that until a few months ago the athlete had it to death with the old Chairman. Will we have another big stephanie-Triple H return then?

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