Lana wishes to return to the ring

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Lana wishes to return to the ring

Over the past two calendar years, WWE has been releasing several major NXT and main roster wrestlers like a bolt from the blue, with the part of Raw being the hardest hit, with big names like Braun Strowman. Bray Wyatt, Lana, Nia Jax and many others, who found themselves without a job overnight, as the McMahon-owned company realized they could do without them in the weekly federation shows.

If for Bray Wyatt the situation had been complicated for some time now, with his character having received a lot of criticism in recent months and with his psychological situation largely compromised by the death of his close friend Brodie Lee (aka Luke Harper in WWE), for As for Lana and Strowman, the firing came like a punch in the stomach after the two had been actively involved in several storylines on the main roster for months.

In the end, almost all the wrestlers who worked assiduously in WWE found a place in other federations, such as Miro, husband of Lana, known as Rusev in WWE, who landed after only a few months in the AEW rings, but Lana instead, she still remains at home, without a new job.

Lana wants to go back to the ring

Through her latest message posted on her official Twitter page, AEW's wife Miro let her fans know how much she misses the ring and the people cheering her, with her tweet that reads: "I hope to return to wrestling someday.

My love for fans and wrestling is still strong in me." At one point, Lana's name was also rumored for All Elite Wrestling, with her husband Miro who had also spoken of the possibility of returning to fight alongside his wife.

However, this possibility has never materialized for now, given that Lana has never yet appeared in the rings of any major US company, except for a few small appearances in independent companies, as soon as the non-competition clause with the WWE expired.

That this desire to return to the ring will allow Lana to show up on the square of some important American federation soon for Miro's wife? In regards to making a name for herself in the WWE, Lana states that her name isn't brought up when it comes to the Women's Revolution.

"If I have to enter into the ring to fight, and to compete, and bring Tamina, or any other women to the top to establish my name, then that’s what I have to do”.