Seth Rollins gets mad at WWE management

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Seth Rollins gets mad at WWE management

As it'd come about, during the episode of The Bump, it was announced that Riddle suffered an injury following Seth Rollins' attack on Monday's episode of Raw, when the Drip God stomped him on the steps of steel. The former couple champion will not be able to fight again until he has the medical okay and, consequently, the match scheduled for SummerSlam has been postponed to a later date.

The injury was identified as a brachial plexus injury. Seth Rollins himself expressed himself on this topic and obviously because of all this history he will have to give up his match for this very special event… or not.

Seth Rollins gets angry

Seth Rollins wrote on Twitter: “For anyone who bought a ticket for SummerSlam hoping to see me in action, I apologize. I've done everything I can for the past 6 months to earn my place on this show, but some things are out of my control.

Thanks for always singing my song. One day they will hear you." The one who is in charge of the creative team right now after the farewell of Vince McMahon, aka Triple H, wanted to respond to that tweet, who wrote to him: "I hear you!" All this makes us understand that the company is probably already organizing something so as not to leave the former champion with a dry mouth, also because it emerged that it would be a whole storyline, consequently if a reason has been put in place there will be.

We also told you yesterday that according to the Ringside News colleagues, the King Of Kings has something in mind for Summerslam that could also modify the event. “Triple H has taken over the creative direction of WWE and plans to move right away.

This Saturday there will be SummerSlam, but no one thought the initial plans would be changed. We are told that some important changes are underway. Since SummerSlam is the first event under his full control, The Game would like to give his creative touch to the show”.

Seth Rollins considers his wife Becky Lynch to be one of the greatest wrestlers of all time thanks to her personality. "Becky has become one of the biggest stars in the history of our industry with her personality, she is now the greatest wrestler of all time for me," said Rollins.

"There is more than one way to be larger than life. If you already are in terms of physical conditions, it is definitely easier, but there is another way."