WWE has hired a variety of talents

WWE has had to deal with the dire consequences of the global pandemic

by Simone Brugnoli
WWE has hired a variety of talents

In the last two years, WWE has gone to fire numerous personalities from the main roster, but also many young talents who had not yet managed to make their way into the world of pro-wrestling, with many wrestlers, who were waiting for their moment to shine.

, who saw their dream crumble overnight. In two abundant years of a worldwide pandemic, WWE has literally revolutionized its organization, with over 300 employees including wrestlers, referees, ring attendants, clerks, lawyers, executives and so on and so forth, all of whom have been fired overnight, who changed the company from the inside, with the latest news only changing WWE even more widely.

Now, at the head of the company there is no longer Vince McMahon, but the daughter Stephanie and her husband Triple H, with the first who became CEO together with Nick Khan and the second who took over the entire creative part of the company from NXT to the main roster.

But there are still some changes that are coming, which Vince McMahon agreed before Wrestlemania when the company made its last tryout matches to hire new recruits.

WWE has big plans

Although this was already well-known news, the overseas sites have pointed out to us that numerous new recruits are arriving in WWE, which the company has decided to sign after their Wrestlemania tryout match, with Triple H supervisors, Vince McMahon and numerous other executives and road agents, had been successful.

At the moment, in recent weeks, the Performance Center is filling up with more or less well-known young guys who are starting training to enter the development sector of NXT, to start their career as WWE Superstar in the rings of the most famous company in the world.

Among the many under contract, we find Lexie Amrhein, Baylor's 2020 national champion of acrobatic dance or the Texas Tech defender Houston Miller or the most famous athlete ex Bellator Valerie Loureda. The company has informed all its sources that the athletes who are arriving are more than 20 and will immediately begin to be trained by the trainers of the company, to become real Superstars, with many of them starting from scratch, not having any kind of background in the world of entertainment or that of pro-wrestling.

WWE Hall of Famer Road Dogg feels that Triple H could push Montez Ford as a singles star. "Yeah, it definitely could [Ford getting a push under Triple H]. And look, I'm not saying it's gonna happen Monday [on RAW], or a Friday [on SmackDown], but it definitely will be on the fast track.

I would imagine now, especially if Paul's [Heyman] in the other Paul's [Triple H] ear, and I'm sure he is, 'cause that's his business," said Road Dogg.