Becky Lynch opens up on Logan Paul

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Becky Lynch opens up on Logan Paul
Becky Lynch opens up on Logan Paul

During her glorious WWE career, Becky Lynch has won the SmackDown Women’s Championship four times (of which she was also the inaugural champion), and the Raw Women’s Championship twice. She is the only one to have held both titles at the same time.

She also won the 2019 edition of the women's Royal Rumble match and participated in the first women's Tables match, Last Woman Standing match and TLC match in history. 2022 she gave him both joys and disappointments: at the Royal Rumble, she beat Doudrop, while at WrestleMania 38 she bowed before a wild Bianca Belair.

Appearing in the latest edition of 'Courtside Club' with Rachel DeMita, the Irish champion shared her thoughts on Logan Paul's future. The latter impressed the WWE Universe at WrestleMania 38, teaming up with The Miz to take on Rey and Dominik Mysterio.

Becky Lynch reflects on Logan Paul

“I talked to Logan Paul and he's a really nice guy. We got along so well that I thought we were the same age, but we are not” - began Becky Lynch. “He is a very young boy and this is a difficult sector.

I have the utmost respect for anyone trying to break through in this business. At WrestleMania 38, he has shown that he has a remarkable talent and that he is very good at interacting with the public. He now he will have to start running this business the way we do.

You travel 300 days a year and you have to perform at least four times a week. It will not be easy for him to get used to these rhythms, but so far he has gone great”- added Lynch. The former Raw champion wanted to send a beautiful message to her friend Paige: "I met her when she was 13.

Even then it could be understood that she would become a big star. Even before she could legally drink in the US, she had already changed this business forever." The two were part of the 'Shimmer Women Athletes', an independent all-female federation based in Chicago.

Paige's contract with WWE expired earlier this month. WWE Superstar Becky Lynch has taken a shot at Ronda Rousey. "I think [Ronda Rousey] doesn't respect it as much as she should. I mean, she's gone off on tangents disrespecting the sport that I've given my life to, that I love, that I obsess about. Both of us have come back from having a child, and one has come back better than ever, and one has not," Lynch said.

Becky Lynch Logan Paul

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