How serious is Montez Ford's injury?

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How serious is Montez Ford's injury?
How serious is Montez Ford's injury?

In recent weeks, Bloodline has carried on all its storylines that have now intertwined in both rosters of the federation, with Roman Reigns and the Usos cousins ​​having had several opponents to face in the last period.

In the end, for SummerSlam, WWE wanted to place two great matches, one valid for both the belts of the Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns, both the WWE and the Universal title and one valid for both the belts of the couple champions, those of the titles Raw tag team and Smackdown tag team titles.

The opponents of the three will obviously be Brock Lesnar on one side and the Street Profits on the other, with the three babyfaces of the company arriving at the summer Big Four more loaded than ever, especially Brock Lesnar, on his last chance to win the two titles.

in possession of his enemy, in the most important Last Man Standing match of his career. On Monday Night Raw, last Monday, there was already a taste of SummerSlam, when the Street Profits joined forces with Riddle, to face the full Bloodline, with one of the members of the team face, who however encountered a bad injury, which was partially hidden by WWE cameras.

The Street Profits are up, and Montez Ford still wants the smoke. Apparently, according to what was reported by the Wrestling Observer, Montez Ford, a teammate of Angelo Dawkins, is said to have received a straight blow to the face by a member of the Bloodline during his match on the red show, receiving a fractured nose, which obviously did not it was expected.

New details on Montez Ford

Despite this, the wrestler still managed to continue the contest as expected, but the problem is now in view of the Big Four tomorrow night. According to reports from the Observer reporters, it does not appear that Montez Ford should be absent from the company's rings, because he would not need any surgery or should not have any impediments to get into the ring, despite the copious post-match bleeding.

The match, valid for both world titles as a couple, will therefore be staged as expected at SummerSlam, with WWE risking to have another match less on the card, like that of Riddle and Seth Rollins, deliberately excluded by the same management, for creative choices.

Ford said he's not ready to shift his attention to being a singles star quite yet. “The difference between singles wrestling and being part of a tag team is that all the attention is on you," Montez Ford said. "I’m not ready to shift my focus yet.

There is still a lot left for me to attain with Dawkins. SummerSlam is a huge opportunity. We want to make that night special”.

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