Smackdown: Drew McIntyre earns a titled chance

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Smackdown: Drew McIntyre earns a titled chance

The match that all fans of the WWE Universe are most waiting for from the next Big Four PPV of the company, is certainly the Last Man Standing Match valid for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship, or the unified titles of WWE champion and Universal champion, currently at the side of the Tribal Chief of the company, Roman Reigns, who must once again be able to fight the attacks of the WWE Beast, Brock Lesnar, even in the most followed ppv of the summer.

Their feud, in fact, has been going on since last year's edition of SummerSlam, with Lesnar who had decided to make his return to the WWE rings, after a long absence that extended from Wrestlemania 36, ​​where Lesnar had lost his WWE title.

at the hands of Drew McIntyre, in his very first world title victory since he has been with WWE. Now, on Friday, at Smackdown, it was the Scotsman who was going to fight the opportunity to get back his beloved WWE title, but also the Universal one, hitherto never held, in an all-European battle against Sheamus, with the winner going to challenge in September, Clash at the Castle, the winner of the SummerSlam main event.

Drew McIntyre will go for the title

During the Friday Night Smackdown episode aired this week, WWE wanted to stage a full-fledged No. 1 contender's match, with Sheamus and Drew McIntyre finally competing 1 vs 1 in an Irish Donnybrook match, a particular contest that involved the use of one of the Celtic Warrior's favorite weapons.

In that contest, both opponents pushed themselves to the limit, with Ridge Holland and Butch obviously attempting to sabotage McIntyre, favoring their Irish mate. In the end it was the Scottish wrestler who won the contest, who with one of his devastating Claymore managed to knock out the Irishman, winning with the classic count of three.

Now we just have to see who will come out of SummerSlam with both world champion titles at their sides, to find out who will make up the Clash at the Castle challenge in just over a month. WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre has given his thoughts on Logan Paul signing with the company.

“He’s such an entertainer, he gets it, he’s genuinely a bad guy,'' said McIntyre. ''He’s one of the most hated people on planet Earth, I assume that’s just him, if it’s not, kudos to him that’s what sells tickets, people want to see guys like him get beat up”.