Smackdown: Max Dupri surprised everyone

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Smackdown: Max Dupri surprised everyone

As we reported last weekend, WWE seemed to have decided to eliminate the Max Dupri character from its future Friday Night Smackdown projects, after some backstage problems unleashed by the former NXT fighter. The decision appeared to have been made effective prior to Vince's official retirement from WWE, announced the night before.

Now that Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan have taken the lead, and Triple H is back to being EVP of Talent Relations and the creative team's referent, it was necessary to understand whether or not Shaun (real name of the athlete) would return to play the role of LA.

Knight, the old gimmick he had at NXT. The new gimmick of the former NXT had already been tested in April in several segments not filmed by the cameras (the videos ended up on the net anyway) while the WWE aired its dark matches or live events.

What's next for Max Dupri?

After last week's presentation of "sister" Maxxine, also at Smackdown, it seemed that the leader of Maximum Male Models would no longer have a trace in the ring of the blue show, at the behest of the management.

Apparently, however, this night Max Dupri made his unexpected return to the scenes of the blue show, appearing right next to his sister and the other two members of the MMM, going to present the new collection of swimwear of his company.

The future plans of the stable formed by Mansoor, Mace, Max and Maxxine, therefore, will see all four members of the team go on stage together and not as claimed by some sources close to the WWE, with hatred between the two brothers (at least for the moment).

Once the former Chairman, Vince McMahon, who had some reservations about the abilities of Max Dupri / LA Knight, was dismissed, Triple H immediately returned the athlete in his place, just a week later. The question now is: Will Mansoor and Mace ever return to the ring? And who will be their first opponents? Furthermore, in all this, it has not yet been understood whether Max Dupri will continue only to work as a manager or if in the future he will also return to discard his elegant suit, to return instead to the ring to fight in the McMahon family's rings.

Former WWE manager Jim Cornette shared his thoughts on Max Dupri's Maximum Male Models segment on SmackDown. "It was Mansoor and Mace, and now it's mån.sôör and ma.çé with Max Dupri (...) Where do I start? I was so embarrassed for – I met this guy when I did the NWA commentary and also he was in TNA when it was Global Force [Wrestling] and he talked as Eli Drake (...) when he was Eli Drake and later when he was LA Knight, he could talk, he was glib."