Lacey Evans got injured

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Lacey Evans got injured

After several months of absence due to her pregnancy from which her second daughter was born, Lacey Evans is back more determined than ever in the WWE rings, presenting us a new version of herself that wants to be an example to many women and many parents,.

In fact, through some cartoons, in the past few weeks, Lacey told us about the difficult childhood and adolescence she went through with a father with various psychological and addictive problems and a mother who went out of her way to guarantee the family certain stability, which made her a better woman, wife and mother for her family that she built growing up.

But now Lacey, after moving from roster to roster for no reason several times, obviously due to the decisions made by the WWE management, is ready to take what she thinks should be hers before her hiatus: the female title of SmackDown, after also taking another turn heel on the blue show.

Lacey Evans stops due to injury

In recent weeks, the former marine of the Stamford-based company has started a feud with the young Aliyah in Smackdown, with the girl who has suffered several times the anger of the former marine, who hit her with her Women's Rights several times, without even starting the match that was scheduled between the two.

Just this night, there was finally a dispute between the two girls, which could finally bring some revenge to the young Aliyah, but unfortunately, it was not, because the WWE medical staff had to stop Lacey Evans due to a problem, with the reporter Michael Cole confirming this in front of company cameras.

As a replacement for Evans, WWE brought Shotzi into the match against Aliyah, with the former who once again beat the young athlete, in just three minutes and then attempted to do her microphone promo, but was interrupted by former champion, Ronda Rousey.

At the moment, however, there is no further information on what has struck Lacey Evans and nor do we know how long she'll remain out of the scene. Never one to break kayfabe, Bill Apter had the following to say about Evans' change in persona: "What is going on? After weeks and weeks of making her the hard-working, family-oriented, patriotic hero they turn her into a bitter human.

She wants the fans to go to hell! There is usually a good reason for a turn from good to bad but you can't sell me on this one. Not good," said Apter.