Smackdown: Drew McIntyre destroyed Sheamus

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Smackdown: Drew McIntyre destroyed Sheamus

Welcome to another story from the latest episode of SmackDown, this time it is the episode that precedes Summerslam. Let's begin! Good Old Fashioned Donnybrook Match: Drew McIntyre vs Sheamus Let's start with a tough match that will decide the challenger for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at Clash At the Castle.

The first to enter is the Scotsman, but the Irishman surprises him from behind and the two begin to attack each other until they reach the ring where the bell is rung to officially start the contest. Obviously, since there are no disqualifications, the two resort to various objects to give them to each other properly, even if unfortunately Angela, Drew's sword, cannot be used by regulation.

At one point Ridge Holland intervenes by attacking Drew and when it all seems over for the Scottish warrior, with Shemus kneeling him and then pinning him, Drew comes out of the count, with the Irishman's ally trying to attack him again, ending however on a table outside, courtesy of McIntyre.

But after a while, obviously, you want Butch not to intervene too? Obvious that! But the Scot does not give up and comes out at every pin with the audience singing "This is awesome!" In the end, after a devastating Claymore, McIntyre wins by earning a seat in Clash At The Castle against Roman Reigns or Brock Lesnar (depending on who wins at Summerslam).

Drew McIntyre def. Sheamus

WWE SmackDown kicked off with a gimmick match between Drew McIntyre and Sheamus. After the match, he is interviewed by Kayla Braxton in the ring and while she is saying that someone has to take the title out of the champion's hands, Theory attacks him from behind with the briefcase.

Always very nice this guy. Pat McAfee and Michael Cole start talking about Happy Corbin being banned from the arena after various attacks on McAfee. Unfortunately, however, he bought a ticket to sit behind them and yells at them with a billboard that says "LOSER" and an old photo of the commentator attached.

Meanwhile, Corbin, while the two illustrate the Summerslam card, continues to scream and break the chestnuts… Corbin STOP!!!! In the end, the officers still have to intervene to divide them, but Corbin gives a sensational kick to Pat's family jewels ...

what a pain. Backstage Kayla Braxton wants to ask Theory why he attacked Drew McIntyre, but he interrupts her and pokes fun at who he is and says that tomorrow in Summerslam he will cash in on the contract and adds that no one will stop him from becoming champion and going to Clash At The Castle.

as a champion to punch the Scotsman. But then he is stopped by Heyman talking to him, we just don't know what he tells him because they cut everything.