Bianca Belair: "Me and Montez Ford want to both have gold at the same time"

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Bianca Belair: "Me and Montez Ford want to both have gold at the same time"
Bianca Belair: "Me and Montez Ford want to both have gold at the same time"

Bianca Belair talked about her love life and relationship with Montez Ford as well as with the Street Profits. “I’m blessed to do what I love with the person I love,” Belair said while appearing on “The Masked Man Show”.

“We get to mix things up with Angelo Dawkins, he travels with us all the time, so, yeah, that’s the fam right there … We get to celebrate the highs and lows together. It’s just funny because the person that you see in the ring is Montez Ford, is who I get all the time at home, which some people would be like, that’s so, that’s so fun … I get that 24/7.

7:00 in the morning he’s yelling, literally. It’s 7:00 in the morning. Do not yell”.

Title matches for Bianca Belair and Montez Ford

Belair and Ford will have the same challenges soon; They have a title match coming up.

Belair will defend the title, while Ford and Dawkins will fight for the Unified WWE Tag Team Championships title. “We want to both have gold at the same time,” Belair said. “He wants to become tag team champion, I want to hold onto this … We don’t hold it over each other’s heads, we just use it as motivation.

When we gonna have it at the same time? We just push each other to be the absolute best that we can be, and I just want him to have as much success as possible”. Belair is an optimist before her husband's challenge.

She believes that he can win the title and is aware of how good he is in what he does. “He’s so focused on SummerSlam and getting the tag team titles back,” Bianca Belair said. “I do know that my husband has so much potential.

I mean, when you have someone like The Rock who’s posted about you on Instagram and talked about you on the red carpet, we know it’s inevitable, and of course, Angelo Dawkins has an amazing future as well, but I know my husband. It’s not a matter of if, it’s just a matter of when”.

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