Latest update on Max Dupri's status

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Latest update on Max Dupri's status

In the last month, WWE fans have been able to witness the controversial debut of Max Dupri, the new gimmick of the former LA Knight at NXT and Eli Drake in TNA (IMPACT Wrestling). The wrestler appeared on the screens of Smackdown as manager of MMM, the Maximum Male Models, an agency that deals with sponsoring models, choosing MACE and Mansoor as his first recruits.

The two athletes were also renamed Ma.çé and Mån.sôör. Apparently, however, Dupri's brief experience in the blue show seemed to have already come to an end, given that last week the athlete did not take part in the weekly tapings of the blue show and several rumors gave him on a collision course with the WWE management, for some disagreements with the old Chairman, Vince McMahon.

Precisely for this reason it would have been presented to Smackdown, Maxxine Dupri (her sister in a storyline key), played by the former NXT Sofia Cromwell, who initially seemed to be able to replace 100% the former LA Knight, but so not was.

Backstage news on Max Dupri

This night, in fact, Max Dupri is back on the scene at Friday Night Smackdown, with his stay in the MMM which therefore seems to be confirmed, once the former CEO Vince leaves the scene. Several fans are now still wondering why the blue show manager was first kicked out of the blue show plans and then re-admitted just a week later, with the usual Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer coming to our aid, bringing back some rumors from the blue show backstage of WWE and the blue show.

According to the well-known journalist, the idea of excluding Dupri from the plans of the MMM came from Vince himself, who believed that the new manager's character was too similar to the former LA Knight. McMahon then came over a week ago to remove Dupri from Smackdown, because: "After a few segments, it seemed like Vince was scolding Dupri because he didn't like them, especially several phrases and apparently the athlete would also have allowed himself to take notes and to change the script of his own free will."

Former WWE manager Jim Cornette shared his thoughts on Max Dupri's Maximum Male Models segment on SmackDown. "It was Mansoor and Mace, and now it's mån.sôör and ma.çé with Max Dupri (...) Where do I start? I was so embarrassed for – I met this guy when I did the NWA commentary and also he was in TNA when it was Global Force [Wrestling] and him talking as Eli Drake (...) when he was Eli Drake and later when he was LA Knight, he could talk, he was glib."