Linda McMahon breaks the silence

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Linda McMahon breaks the silence

The whole world has now had its say on what happened a week ago when the historic WWE Chairman Vince McMahon greeted everyone by officially resigning. In fact, the man wrote on social media: "At 77, the time has come for me to retire.

Thanks, WWE Universe. So. Forever. Together." Added to this is the news given by PWInsider who announced that: "Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan have been officially appointed co-CEOs of World Wrestling Entertainment, effective immediately."

Her place is currently filled by her daughter Stephanie who has become President and Co-CEO, with the second role she shares with trusted businessman Nick Khan. While husband Triple H has returned to his role as Executive Vice President of Talents and also has the entire creative department in hand.

Linda McMahon was asked about the news as part of a recent event for the American First Policy Institute. Poor Linda McMahon who's dealing with a lot given all the accusations that have been leveled against her husband who allegedly had several relationships out of wedlock with his employees who have also been paid to keep quiet wanted to have her say on Vince's retirement and on the investigation, but don't expect big statements.

Update on Linda McMahon

During an event for the America First Policy Institute, Linda McMahon was asked about Vince McMahon's retirement from WWE. Eventually, she declined to comment on the ongoing investigation into s*xual misconduct, but she pointed out that it might be a good thing for Vince McMahon to have to think of another way to spend her days on him.

"I'm not going to talk about Vince and WWE, I'm here to talk about AFPI," she said initially. But when she was put a bit of pressure on her, she added, "You know what, he'll only decide how he's going to spend his free time.

I think that's a good thing." Speaking on the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (WON), Dave Meltzer claimed that Stephanie McMahon was aware of the situation. He also made an interesting comment about Vince and Linda McMahon's current marital status: “Technically they’re married.

I mean, they haven’t been together in a long, long time though”. Former WWE star Rene Dupree says that he "heard" Vince McMahon and his wife Linda haven't lived together in decades. "I heard that Vince and Linda are still legally married but they haven't lived together in decades," Rene said.