Baron Corbin thanks his haters

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Baron Corbin thanks his haters

In the history of WWE and its Superstars, there have been the most regrettable episodes regarding the insults and criticisms rained down at the various athletes by fans on various social networks. In fact, many heels of the federation were even threatened by some fans for the work they brought on-screen, as if the character played by the wrestlers was the same person even in real life.

Baron Corbin had already been attacked several times online by various individuals, especially after hitting Becky Lynch a few years ago in the WWE rings. Immediately after attacking Becky by treachery, numerous death threats would have arrived at Baron Corbin's address, as revealed by the athlete himself in one of his latest interviews.

In his speech to the microphones of Out of Character with Ryan Satin, Baron Corbin had in fact revealed a few months ago: “When I hit Becky with the End of Days, I got death threats. On a regular basis. 95% of haters are on the internet or otherwise harmless and hide behind a screen or an inaccessible place.

Roman once told me, that he has never met a hater in real life. This is the exact same thing for me."

New details on Baron Corbin

In his latest interview with TV Insider microphones, this time Baron Corbin wanted to emphasize how much even those who hate him have played their part in the construction of his character, saying: "There are a lot of people in my world who doubt my abilities or whatever and vilify me for it.

This is a deal that I can accept because I continue to be successful in WWE all the same thanks to these people who doubt and hate because I'm the bad guy. I'm not their favorite. I don't make 800 moves that they want to see.

I don't influence social media or influence anything that goes on TV. But it all helps my success. I'll do myself, it doesn't matter anything else." The former Money in the Bank winner recently did an interview with TV Insider.

"I think this natural evolution of my entire career has been a lot of fun. Everything has systematically gone together and had a nice, steady flow. I think it has kept me relevant the entire time I’ve been with WWE.

I’ve always had a place. There are a lot of doubters in my world about my ability or whatever they want to complain about."