*Spoiler* Who won between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns?

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*Spoiler* Who won between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns?

This match had been in the air for weeks now when Brock Lesnar made his return to Smackdown after Roman Reigns also defeated his latest opponent for the title: Riddle. After also seeing the defeat of the BroMan, he expected nothing more than the return of the Beast of the company, which in the end came back by surprise, demanding a new title match for both world champion belts of the Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns.

This feud had been going on for a year now or from the last edition of SummerSlam, in which Lesnar had returned after more than a year of absence from WWE, having made his last match at Wrestlemania 36, ​​losing the title against Drew McIntyre.

In the end, there were three clashes between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns and in all three it was the Tribal Chief who came out the winner, like last night at SummerSlam, where Lesnar, however, literally created panic, presenting himself with a huge tractor for farm work, which literally destroyed the WWE-built ring in the stadium where the PPV was going live.

Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns

As we said, Brock Lesnar showed up with a huge tractor in the Summerslam ring, which after a while was also used as a weapon against his enemy, to make him fall out of the ring. After a myriad of finishing moves and attacks on both sides, the Usos also tried to tip the scales towards the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns, with Theory instead trying in vain to cash in his briefcase, a once seen both contenders on the ground in a fraction of the match.

Theory hit Reigns with the briefcase in the head but was then knocked down by a Lesnar F-5. After stealing Theory's briefcase, Reigns hit Lesnar multiple times with that, and then literally bury the Beast under several pieces of the ringside and railing, pinning his opponent to the ground, and preventing him from getting up after the 10 count.

Thus ends the main event of the most anticipated PPV of the WWE summer, with a ring literally demolished by Brock Lesnar's tractor and with the same Beast buried alive under dozens and dozens of pieces of rings and rings, with the Tribal Chief who continues his devastating reign, now apparently infinite.

Meltzer said WWE wants McIntyre and Reigns to main event Clash at the Castle. He added that Reigns and McIntyre have been kept apart to build this match.