*Spoiler* Bayley is back

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*Spoiler* Bayley is back

In July, shortly before the return of the WWE shows in front of the public, the company announced in a statement on its official website, then disseminated on the main social networks, that the longest-lived champion of SmackDown, Bayley, had been injured during a one-leg workout.

Bayley was soon to have challenged Bianca Belair to Money In The Bank, in what was thought to be the final chapter of their rivalry that has so pleased all WWE audiences, with the athlete having been absent ever since. In recent weeks, the former Friday Night Smackdown champion has wanted to continue to leave cryptic messages and hardly decipherable clues about her future on her social pages, with the WWE athlete who hasn't been seen in the McMahon company rings for months.

With a double message whose nature is still unclear, Bayley had hyped up her fans, who were already waiting for her at the Royal Rumble and then to all the PPVs who came after her, but she is not there. never even been a shadow of her.

Bayley is back

Immediately after the SummerSlam 2022 opener, which saw Bianca Belair defend her title from Becky Lynch's attack, with the contest that was won by the champion, at one point in the Nissan Stadium the entrance music by Bayley, former WWE main roster world champion, who was joined by two great faces now ex NXT: Dakota Kai and Io Shirai.

The three faced the champion and her challenger face to face, without touching them with a finger, but immediately made it clear how they are now contenders for the Raw title, with the new balances that will be changed in the WWE main roster.

Io Shirai had been out of the picture for a few months now, first for an injury and then for contractual issues, with WWE that seemed unable to put her under contract anymore, given the girl's desire to return to Japan, finally convinced with plans serious for the main roster.

As for Dakota Kai, the girl had been fired from the NXT roster a few months ago, because according to Vince McMahon there was no main roster material in her, with the girl who was very bitter about it, remaining without a job.

from one day to another. The new dismissal of the Chairman, with the return of the Triple at the head of the creative team, therefore seems to have opened new doors in WWE and this is only the first sign.