*Spoiler* Edge made his big comeback

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*Spoiler* Edge made his big comeback

During the Monday Night Raw live broadcast a few weeks ago, Judgment Day presented its latest member, Finn Balor who sensationally presented himself in the ring receiving a welcome from the leader Edge, confirming his official entry into the stable of Raw's heel.

After a short promo, in which Balor confirmed that he was tired of being in the shadow of characters like AJ Styles, the unthinkable happened, however, with the whole stable went against its initial leader, Edge, with the three remaining wrestlers who started hitting the Rated R Superstar, first in the ring and then outside of it as well.

The whole thing ended with a devastating con-chair-to, which kept Edge away from the scene for weeks, until tonight, as his contract also envisaged, with a long hiatus that served to sell this attack even better betrayal.

Since Edge's departure, Judgment Day has begun to give torment to the Mysterio family, with the father-son couple having a match again this night at SummerSlam, right against the couple formed by Finn Balor and Damian Priest.

Edge appeared at SummerSlam

During this night's dispute between the San Diego elf and his son and heel pair from Raw's dark stable, at some point, the inevitable happened. As many fans already expected, Edge has made his sensational return to the company's rings after the brutal attack on Raw a few months ago.

As Rey Mysterio was about to be hit with a new con-chair-to, Edge returned to the WWE rings with a powerful entrance, full of flames, immediately attacking his two opponents with Spears, helping Rey Mysterio. and his son, who ultimately won the match.

The fans obviously went into delirium, after seeing this umpteenth return, since at the beginning of the event three other beloved athletes had already returned: Dakota Kai, Io Shirai and Bayley, after months of absence. We will see how the storyline of Judgment Day evolves, with this huge return that will change the balance of Monday Night Raw in the coming weeks.

Speaking on Steven's Wrestling Journey on YouTube, the Rated-R Superstar discussed how long he expects to wrestle before retiring. "Won't be ten (years), definitely won't be ten. I doubt it'll be five, it's gonna be before that.

I don't even think it's going to be three. I don't know, but I don't think it's going to be that long. I know the window is small," said Edge.