*Spoiler* Ronda Rousey completed her turn heel

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*Spoiler* Ronda Rousey completed her turn heel

Liv Morgan took the pro-wrestling world to the top when she first won the Money in the Bank briefcase and then the Friday Night SmackDown Champion Belt during one of WWE's latest premium live events, the eponymous Money In The Bank.

In fact, after the victory of Ronda Rousey against Natalya, in a match with no holds barred, which saw the Baddest Woman on the Planet also remain half limp in her fight against the Canadian, Liv has seen fit to immediately collect the briefcase, with such strategy that turned out to be a winner, going to pin the former MMA fighter with a lightning roll-up.

After Morgan's victory, Rousey went to hug her opponent, raising her arm to the sky as a sign of great respect, with the fans singing the chants "you deserve it" or "you deserve it" Immediately after the initial fair play, however, a feud between the two immediately arose, with Ronda Rousey trying to regain the lost title a few weeks ago, with Baddest Woman on the Planet receiving a title challenge.

night, at SummerSlam.

Ronda Rousey got mad

During the night, the WWE wanted to air its summer Big Four par excellence, SummerSlam, with the PPV that saw many surprises for the WWE Universe, from the return of Edge to that of Bayley, accompanied by Io Shirai and Dakota Kai, until the main event that literally left the fans with their mouths open, after seeing Brock Lesnar literally demolishing the ring with a farm tractor.

During the evening, however, the match valid for the title of Smackdown champion also aired, with Ronda Rousey being screwed by the final of the contest when she was pinned while applying her devastating Armbar on Liv Morgan.

While the referee counted the three of the pin, Morgan was in fact going to yield, with the submission that came before the three count and therefore the winner should have been the challenger and not the champion. Obviously, the referee was focused on the pin and therefore did not see the hand of the champion giving way, so the victory was confirmed for Liv Morgan.

After the match, however, Ronda wanted to attack both her opponent and the referee of the contest by making an unexpected turn heel, which however did not leave the fans too surprised, who have been booing her for weeks now.

Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer tweeted that the match was cut quite a bit because The Miz and Logan Paul's contest lasted longer than expected.